Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Swatch Fest: My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

My Pretty Zombie is a newish-to-me brand. I tried one of their shadows for the first time a couple of months ago. Recently, they had a big sale, so I took the opportunity to purchase a couple more shades. If you guys aren't familiar with this brand, check out Tori/Biohazardous Beauty on YouTube. She uses their shadows pretty frequently, AND her eye is used for all the swatches on I just wanted to share the swatches of my current stash, I really love them all and can't wait to start putting my new shadows to use!

Natural light, no flash.

  • Epistaxis eye shadow: Described on the website as a "matte fresh nosebleed red." I know...sounds a little strange. But you'll start to see a theme with their product names. 
  • Moist eye shadow: "A shimmery creamsicle orange." Y'all know I love orange eye shadow, and this one definitely does not disappoint! It's sooooo pretty!!
  • Miasma eye shadow: "Buttercup yellow with a sweet pink shift." This one is really unique. It's a must have! There is another picture showing the yellow tones further down.

  • Celery and Bile eye shadow: "Celery with an orange-y gold shift." Lucky me, I got a sample of this one in each order. I actually love it, and I'm surprised I didn't remember to buy it when I placed my second order. I was  
  • Mary Jane eye shadow: "Mid tone grey green with a red shift." I also received this as a sample. It's actually quite gorgeous. It's not something I would've chosen for myself, because the photo on the website doesn't do it justice. But in person, it's stunning.
  • Ojo de Gato eye shadow: No description available on the website, since this was an LE shade. This was my first MPZ purchase, and I love it! It's what I'm wearing in my Beach Waves tutorial. It's a dark greenish brown with a copper shift. I absolutely love it! Plus, all proceeds from this shadow went to Blind Cat I had to get it!

  • Propoxyphene Blush: "Matte bubble gum pink." I received this as a sample. It looks like a soft cotton-candy pink in the baggie, but swatches more like a Barbie pink. It's very pretty, I would just apply it with a very light hand and build it up if I had to.
  • Benzodiazepine Blush: "red, red, red." That pretty much sums it up! This was a sample as well. Again, I would apply it very lightly to start, but it's super pretty. It does have somewhere between a satin and shimmer finish but it's not glittery at all. 
A different angle...tried to capture some of the color shifts.

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