Saturday, May 28, 2016

ColourPop: Haul and Swatches

Well, hello! I don't recall whether or not I've talked about ColourPop here on the blog before. I did do one mini haul back in the day.  If I've posted it...I will link it HERE. If that doesn't link to anything, that means I never posted about it. Is that incredibly lazy of me? Oh well.

Anyway, the short version of my previous CP experience: I felt like Goldilocks. One shadow was great, one was so-so, the other was terrible. So I kind-of wrote the whole brand off. I like cheap makeup as much as the next girl, but I don't want to spend even a small amount of cash if it's not going to be for a really  good product. Some people take this as me being a snob, because I generally stay away from most drug store products. I'm not a snob. I'm just cheap. And I'd rather pay more for something amazing, but feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Versus paying a couple of bucks for something that is of terrible quality that will never be used, and there goes my two dollars down the drain. Those were my two dollars. I went to work for that. I got up early, did my makeup, skipped breakfast, drank cold coffee, and went to work. So what I spend that money on better be good! But I digress. Did I say I was telling the short version of something? Geez...

Recently, ColourPop had a 20% off sale. A week or so prior to that, Jeffree Star had talked about one of their eyeliners in a video. It was gorgeous. So I decided to try them out again. I added what seemed like a TON of products to my cart. I figured I would just add everything that appealed to me, then weed through it all before checking out. And when I got to check out, I found that the whole crap-ton of products were only going to cost me $32. Amazing. So I got it all. No weeding needed. Here is what I got:

YES, I know. I got three shades of green eyeliner. Maybe a little weeding-through of my cart was necessary after all. But I can't say I regret any of the shades, and at least I know now that I'm set on green eyeliner for a while. Like...a WHILE.

Top to Bottom:
  • Punch Creme Gel Liner
  • Zulu Creme Gel Liner
  • Maybe Creme Gel Liner
  • Teaspoon Creme Gel Liner
  • Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip
  • Petit Four Ultra Satin Lip
  • The Golden Child Super Shock Cheek

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