Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette

Hey guys! I feel like I've been talking a lot about Jeffree Star Cosmetics lately. To be fair, I did warn y'all that he was coming out with a lot of new products which I fully intended to buy. So I feel it's my duty to update you on that process....right?

When this palette first launched, I was fifteen minutes late getting to the website, and it had sold out. Complete devastation. Thankfully, it restocked just a few days later. I contemplated purchasing at least one of the Skin Frosts as well. I didn't get any (yet) for a couple of reasons. First, I just didn't want to spend any more money at that time. Second, I was honestly afraid that if I shopped around on the website any longer, the palette would sell out before I could complete my check out. So I told myself to just buy the Skin Frosts later, and grabbed the palette and a lip scrub. The lip scrub was already sitting in my cart, so I didn't have to waste time poking around the site to purchase it. Yes, these thoughts all did go through my head in the twenty seconds it took me to pull up the website and check out. I have problems. We've talked about this before.

I included a mini review about the lip scrub on my YouTube review of the palette. I'll either dedicate a separate blog post to the lip scrub or bundle it in with skin care posts (I have a few of those in the works!). For now, I want to just dedicate a whole post to this palette. Let me just show you...

I don't even know where to start reviewing this palette. The shades are so versatile. It's easy to take one look at the palette and think, "I would never wear those shades." But when Jeffree did his reveal of the palette on YouTube, he broke it down into "quads," which really made the palette easier to understand, and what really sold me on it. I mean....let's face it. I would've gotten it anyway. But seeing it in quad form just flooded my brain with ideas. So here it is broken down into quads:

  • Star Power: This is the perfect hot pink shade. I love that you can apply it lightly to blend out Vanity, Violence, or Confession.  But you can also use it on its own and it's just so pretty.
  • Princess: For a really light, baby pink, this is surprisingly pigmented. I recently reviewed KVD's Plum Shade & Light quad, and one of my beefs with it was that the lightest shade borders on translucent. So when I saw this super pale pink, I was worried that would also be the case with this shadow. But not so! It shows up really well.
  • Violence: This shade is SO gorgeous. I've always done well with purple shadows, despite the fact that I'm not particularly a fan of purple. This one is no exception. 
  • Rich Bitch: Can we talk about this gold? Lord help us all. It's just beautiful. I've seen gold pigments with this kind of color payoff, but never a gold shadow as beautiful as this. I did do a quick test of this one wet vs dry on the back of my hand. Scroll all the way down for a macro shot of this gorgeous shadow. In my opinion, it goes on a LOT more smoothly and evenly when applied wet. So that's something to keep in mind. It also faded pretty quickly on the dry side. The wet side stayed super vibrant until I wiped it off.
  • Courtney: Great transition shade. Also might be nice as an all-over shade. If I try that between now and when I complete this review and post it, I will include that photo as well. This shadow applies really nicely and blends so well. I can see myself reaching for it for a transition shade even on the days I'm not using the palette!
  • Expensive: This is the one really "different" shadow in the palette. I know some people might consider hot pink different as well. But what I mean is that the rest of the shades pretty much flow from one to the next. And then this one is just completely out of left field. That being said, it's gorgeous. And when you use it with the other shadows, they do actually make sense together. It's really pretty for a lid color, or for a bright pop on the lower lash line. I do find that I have to layer it on a bit, but it doesn't look patchy at all, which sometimes happens with shadows that have to be layered.
  • Confession: I was borderline worried about this color, because I envisioned it looking really bruisey really fast. Maybe my skin tone just agrees with it, but it doesn't look like an old bruise at all once it's on. I also thought it would be a little like MAC's Cranberry, but it's not. I don't know how to best describe it, but I like it!
  • Vanity:  I thought the name "Vanity" would have gone more with the bright pink..."Vanity" is a term that goes hand in hand with Jeffree - he has it tattooed on his face, after all. And that hot pink is also a signature color for him. So to see it used for this really dark purple was like....huh? But this shade surprised me. It's actually quite pretty and for a darker shadow, it applies really nicely. Some dark mattes tend to get patchy and don't apply evenly. But this one blends out really well.
  • China White: Jeffree Star uses this shadow as a base...lash like to brow. It really is perfect for that. The white isn't over-powering at all. It adds just enough color and also makes it easier to blend out the other shadows. This is another shadow I will probably be reaching for A LOT.
  • Black Rainbow: I took a macro shot of this one as well. The glitter in it is SO pretty. The reviews I've seen say that the glitter doesn't really stick around all day, which sounded kind-of disappointing. I tried it as a lid color when I got ready to film my review. At first, I did notice that the glitter didn't show up. So what I did was tap some glitter glue just on the center of my lid, waited until it dried slightly, then packed the shadow on top. That really made the glitter stick and stand out!

The look from my review video

Close-up of the same look

The Pros: 
  • The price point is amazing. $45 for 10 good-sized shadows. These are not like the tiny squares you get in ABH palettes. These will last you for quite some time. So to get them for basically $4.50 each is awesome. 
  • The quality of the shadows is really lovely. I love that Jeffree Star really does take his time to put out a good product. 
  • It's versatile. There are so many looks in this palette, just waiting to come out. You can do a subtle daytime look, or full-on drag glam. 

The Cons:
  • The packaging. It's not bad, but it's not great. I've mentioned this before - I'm not a huge fan of his brand packaging. I know it's weird because I like pink girly things. And this is definitely pink and girly. But it does look a little like someone put really great makeup in play makeup packaging. I'm sorry! I hate to say that! But that's just how I feel. And ti makes me sad to feel that way because I really do love the makeup!

The Verdict: 
Just go out and buy it. Duh. The pros greatly outweigh the cons. Especially if you think the packaging is cute...that completely eliminates my only con, and you're left with all pros. I think it's an excellent value, and I'm so happy I invested in it. If you end up getting it, let me know! I would love to see what looks you all come up with!

Rich Bitch

Black Rainbow

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