Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review & Video Demo: Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

One of my first blog posts was a review on ELF's makeup brush spot-cleaner. I actually did a mini-review on my Instagram of that product, and it's what pushed me into making the blog. So even though it was a shit product, it did end up being good for something! I haven't tried any spot-cleaners since that day....until now. I picked up the travel-size of the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner a while back. My thinking was that if it works well, I can purchase the jumbo size, and continue refilling the travel bottle from that. If it doesn't work, then at least I only got the small size, and I didn't have to waste any money on the jumbo size.

Fancy paper towel background

My plan did and didn't work. I could tell you why, but it's much more fun to watch me fumble with the stupid bottle on video. So please head on over to my YouTube channel for that!

The Pros:
  • It works. This doesn't mean you never have to wash your brushes again. It removes enough of the product to freshen up your brushes and leave them ready to use again. I still do go through the whole rigamarole of washing my brushes. You'll see in the picture below, it doesn't completely eliminate glitter. It does do a good job of getting most of the actual pigment off.
  • The price. The 2 oz bottle I purchased was $8.00. I'm only halfway through that, and I've had it for a few months. For the aggravation it's saved me of not having my favorite brushes be clean when I need to use them, it's definitely worth it.
Dirty brushes

Ready to use again!
Tiny speck of left-over glitter.
I wish I could photograph glitter this well while wearing it!

The Cons:
  • The bottle is crap. Like you saw in the video, the spray nozzle pops out CONSTANTLY! I don't know if this is an issue with all of them, or if I just got the one terrible bottle in the bunch. Either way, I am super sad my master plan of having a travel bottle to refill didn't work out.
  • The scent. Even though the smell doesn't bother me (really surprised about that, actually), I'm listing this as a con. I've seen a lot of reviews on the Sephora site from people complaining about the smell. To me, it's a delightful mix of turpentine and vanilla. I happen to like those things. My nose is strange. I hate most smells, but I actually do enjoy this stuff. However, since I am fully aware that the smells my brain chooses to enjoy are completely backwards, I feel like I should let you guys know that a normal person may be put off by this.
The Verdict:
For as well as the product works, I can deal with the fact that I may have just gotten a bad nozzle. What I will probably do is purchase another travel size. For one, it's cheap and I'm cheap. Secondly, I'm hoping the second bottle isn't defective. Then, I can put my refill plan back in motion. IF the second nozzle is also a dud, I will just have to buy the full jumbo size, a generic travel spray bottle, and call it a day.

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